Moville Parish CE Scheme


Well done to everyone on the Moville Parish Community Employment Scheme who recently featured in the Inishowen Community Employment Newsletter for their works completed in Greencastle Maritime Museum and Planetarium.

Members of the Moville Parish Community Employment Scheme work year round on various local projects including the upkeep of local amenities such as the Green and local shore walk as well as helping out local church, community organisations and sport clubs.

The Moville Parish Community Employment Scheme provides important support to local community organisations in their work the Moville, Greencastle, Redcastle and Muff areas.





Work projects carried out in the last few months by the Moville Parish Community CE Scheme included platforms being constructed to display World War Two artifacts such as aircraft propellers, anchors and ship propellers outside the entrance of the Greencastle Maritime Museum and Planetarium as well as laying new gravel and repairing flagstones in the Memorial area at the front of the Museum.

Other ongoing projects include the upkeep of the Green and Shore Walk area and upkeep of local sports, church and community facilities  throughout the year.

As well as undertaking current local projects some participants of the Moville Parish CE Scheme have recently taken part  in FETAC training in 2017 and received Level 5 and Level 6 Major Awards as well as other training courses such as First Aid and Health and Safety that participants have attended during the year.  Well done and congratulations to all who took part in training and received awards and certificates!

A ‘Big Thanks’ to all the workers in the Moville Parish CE Scheme for all their hard work in the local area and community.